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LJs for Gamers

Layouts for Gamers
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Welcome to the only layout community (that I know of) made just for gamers. All layouts are made by itsjustaphase The community hosts all types of video games layout regardless of the console that you use.


i. Please be courteous at all times.
ii. No spamming, flaming, bad mouthing, etc…
iii. Give credit to any layout you’ll be using (credit us either in your profile page or the main page) – A lot of time and effort have been put into it.
iv. Please ask the creator if you want to use his/her overrides, codes, etc…
v. Do not direct link to anything that we have up here; save them and upload them onto your own server.
vi. This community is members only. Meaning, you must become a member to view/use the layouts.

Request Rules

Layout requests are welcome!! Please go to this entry to request. However, kindly note the following rules:

i. Please only make one request at a time, it is not fair to others. Once we're done with one of your requests than you can ask for the other.
ii. Be patient – Don’t immediately expect a layout the minute you request one.
iii. Don’t bombard our e-mail with ‘where is my layout’ – creators have other real-life things to work on, therefore, patience is a virtue.
iv. If you want us to use a certain image, please upload the picture onto your own server and provide us with the link address.


Our affiliates, if you would like to have your community here, please go to this link entry and request it here.


If you would like to contact any of the mods, please send us a message by clicking on any of our names – it will directly link you to the ‘message box’. You can speak to either Itsjustaphase or DeVeliCious

User Profile Banner by camus08 / Layout profile code thanks to ReversesCollide